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CNC System Sales, Inc.

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We specialize in aircraft, aerospace, prismatic machining and grinding solutions. Please consult our experienced sales staff in your area to discuss AXILE Industrie 4.0 and how it will impact the future of machining and profit margins. We have over Thirty years experience in the industry serving customers in Indiana.

R. Kent Baker - President

About CNC System Sales, Inc.

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CNC System Sales, Inc. is a machine tool dealer serving  the USA market.  We were founded in 1983 and are the oldest machine tool dealer in the state under original management. Our staff of  experienced "Sales Engineers" with 30+ years experience in the marketplace provide intelligent I4.0, IOT, FOT solutions for the aircraft, aerospace , and the mold and die industries.


Our capable staff of  factory service engineers provide installation, warranty support and after warranty service.

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AXILE G8 Mold Cavity by CNC System Sales

AXILE News for the Die and Mold Industry


The die and mold industry is facing a more flexible and dynamic marketplace. To keep competitive, the mold maker must enhance mold quality and decrease production time and cost. AXILE G8 is a 5-axis vertical machining center that features the high-accuracy machining ability. It is a great choice for mold makers to produce high-quality molds.

Mold quality directly affects product quality and yield rate. This is why mold makers are looking more precision machining solution, and the answer is G8, a 5-axis machining center. Traditionally, the 3-axis machining center moves the workpiece in two directions only, and the tool will move upwards and downwards. By contrast, with additional A-axis and C-axis, namely swiveling and rotary axis, G8 allows cutting tool to approach the part from all directions. Due to this feature, G8 offers better machining versatility than a 3-axis machine. In terms of five-side simultaneous machining, mold makers can use G8 to reduce several setups and ensures positioning accuracy, and consequently improve mold quality. 

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